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A letter from Councillor Fred Borg, of Campbelltown City Council:
I write to thank A Red Letter Day Event Management for the brilliant service they have provided to the Youth of Macarthur. I speak as a local government Councillor and also as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. Our community owes A Red Letter Day a debt of gratitude for excellent work and accomplishment.

In 1999, when I decided to contest the Council Election, part of my platform was to develop opportunities for Youth and also for Elite Sport in this region. Having four children and eight grand children, and having lived here for 40 years, I was very much aware that talent in Macarthur was not getting the recognition or encouragement it deserved.

Working with local businesses and people such as Federal MP Pat Farmer, a decision was made to enlist the help of a professional team - that being A Red Letter Day - to develop an event that would open up opportunities for local bands and musicians. Talks led to the involvement of local FM Radio Station C91.3 and The Macarthur Advertiser, and strategies put into place by A Red Letter Day, swiftly resulted in the kickoff of an extremely important, large and highly successful Contest, called Clash!

Following six weeks lead up work, A Red Letter Day produced a thirteen week program, underwriting the event and covering all aspects of it development and management. A Red Letter Day took care of promotion, sponsorship, sourcing of prizes,staffing, ticketing, all contestant liaison, production of the weekly shows and communications. They worked well with the Clash! Committee, and were financially responsible. Forty bands and thirty soloists got massive exposure and great prizes through Clash!

Thank you to A Red Letter Day from Councillor Fred Borg and the Youth of Campbelltown LGA.

A Letter from Peter and Deborah Cook, Wamberal, NSW :
Dennis and Clare Burgess, A Red Letter Day

We are very pleased to provide this testimonial to your skills as the creators and organisers of unique and memorable 'events'.

You have treated us to some truly remarkable and breathtaking Birthday surprises over the years, which clearly demonstrate your passion, ability and aptitude for creating innovative and original ways to celebrate special occasions.

We recall one time when you had told us to pack a bag for a weekend away, and to be ready at 7pm on the Friday evening. On the dot of seven, you videotaped us as we were whisked off by two Harley Davidson riders, driven over the Harbour Bridge and then back through the Tunnel to meet you (and our luggage) at the Suntory Restaurant in the city. After a fabulous dinner, we were picked up by a 1926 stretch cadillac, and driven to a house you had rented in the Blue Mountains for the weekend. A picnic and tour of Norman Lindsay's house at Springwood the next day, was followed by a home-cooked meal and games night. On the Sunday, we had coffee at the Hydro-Majestic, and we had stopped to wonder about how we would return home to Sydney. We would never have guessed that a helicopter awaited us!

Other amazing Birthdays planned by you for us, have also always left us feeling incredibly special. There is endlessly thoughtful and thorough planning involved, with special touches like Options Books, were any path can be taken during the weekend at our own whim. From seaplanes to circuses, surprise gatherings of special friends, morning tea with Athena Starwoman, and visits to Brett Whiteley's studio, as well as a seemingly endless array of perfect gifts sprinkled throughout the experience, your expertise never ceases to astound!

The important thing is that you carefully consider the guest of honour, and personalise the event or outing for them. Your creativity is boundless. You are meticulous and professional in every way. We are very pleased that you use your talents and expertise to help people organise their celebrations. Your kind natures and creative flair assists your clients to stage events that will be talked about for years to come.



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