Global Battle of the Bands - the World's biggest band comp, is run in Australia by A Red Letter Day (Event Management). Bands can enter via or can contact us direct at or (02) 9519 3978. More info is also available on   

global battle of the bands

  • Involving more than 30 countries, with a 1st Prize worth US$100,000.
  • The most flourishing original rock show
    in the world, open to all.
  • Incorporating the GBOB Internet Radio and Interactive Community, with live Internet Broadcast of the World Final  transmitted on broadband.
  • 5,000 bands performing worldwide
  • Unique exhilarating experience
  • The World Final is overseas each year, with the Australasian Winner getting a free trip including airfares and accommodation.   

GBOB has very quickly gained a reputation for helping to break new bands and we intend to carry on doing exactly that!

From 16 countries in 2004 to 30+ countries now, GBOB – the world's biggest live talent competition for pop and rock bands – is getting bigger and better all the time.

There are just two rules: no cover versions and no pre-recorded music.

Every year local qualifying Heats, Regional Finals and National Finals take place in countries around the world, with the eventual winners of these going forward to the GBOB World Final.


As Directors of the Australasian leg of this competition, we are running Heats all around Australia and New Zealand to find bands to compete in the National Final. Local Heats will be run in the following areas:



A Red Letter Day uses up to 50 Venues across Australian and New Zealand to bring Local Heats to as many bands as possible.

Check out these links for further information:


    • To support Australian original music
    • Expose and encourage local emerging talent
    • Enable bands to experience live stage performance in front of large audiences
    • Give bands a chance to network with other musicians and be seen by industry experts
    • Break down barriers with all-ages band competitions that can be enjoyed by the whole family and wider community
    • Bring about valuable experiences for bands and their fans


GBOB is aimed towards emerging bands who know they have what it takes to represent Australasia in this competition. At this level, bands are experienced with playing in front of an audience, have a good fan base and compose original music.

They have basic marketing tools to expose their band using social networks and listing themselves on music sites across the web.

Our events actively encourage the involvement of their peers and fans, music lovers, family and friends, and the power of the experience stems from the presence and support of these people.

We reach a massive youth-based demographic, who are socially active and enthusiastic about the rock music scene – young people who are busy out there, dancing, playing and in fact rapidly building a huge appetite for great live entertainment!

Global Battle of the Bands

GBOB is supported by a wealth of fantastic sponsors as listed below:

GBOB sponsors

1. Community Involvement

The width and breadth of GBOB is enormous. As the territory that A Red Letter Day covers spans Australia and New Zealand, it is able to reach into every town and area, to talk to the youth and encourage them to participate. We make contact everywhere with music press, local press and community bodies.

We seek all-age venues that encourage the involvement of families and friends, as well as peers, fans and fellow music lovers. We allow younger siblings to finally see their brother play live, rather than having to wait until they turn 18! We see fathers stop complaining about the noises coming out of the garage, and become the World’s best roadies instead!!!

GBOB is entertaining and very much enjoyed by all! Everyone wants to be part of it.

2. Support of positive activities and the Arts

We all know how Australians and New Zealanders love their sport! Well, music is about the only thing that rivals it in the broad interests of the community. Some would say playing music or listening to it at a live event is actually a certainly is a major priority and driver! GBOB gives everyone something great to do...whether playing or in the audience.

We connect with the community through this passion. GBOB motivates people by bringing the World Stage to where they live. It rewards creativity, supports self-esteem, is enthralling and engrossing, and does everyone good!

3. Delivery of an experience.

Bands that take part, and all their audience, always remember GBOB as an amazing live event. Band members receive valuable experience performing in front of large audiences and being part of something truly significant.

The winning band goes on to represent Australasia overseas – an experience and achievement which to any band would rate as the chance of a lifetime.

Crawford Brothers Winner of GBOB AUSTRALIA 2012/2013

"We are so excited to have won. This has been such a great opportunity for our band, we’ve loved every minute of it. We’re going to work so hard leading up to the World Final, we want to win it for Australia and for our career! Thanks so much, we’ll make you proud of Crawford Brothers."

Crawford Brothers

Heston Drop Winner of GBOB AUSTRALIA 2011

‘We couldn’t believe it when we won! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our band’

Heston Drop


"Amazing blew our minds...the best opportunity our band’s ever had!"

The Tillegra Damned


“WOW – we couldn’t believe it when we won! On top of the trip overseas, GBOB gave us 2 incredible Musicman guitars as well! It was such an opportunity. It really lifted us and inspired us to keep going.”

the rustys


“Winning the trip overseas was awesome. It put us in front of the important US and European managers and producers...we now have a film"



“We had an incredible experience at the World Final in London and it was an honour to play amongst such quality bands. Thanks for keeping it live and inspiring us with this event.”


Clare Burgess
General Manager
A Red Letter Day (Event Management)
P: 02 9519 3978 M: 0412 609 109   E:



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